The Pompous Googler

I was chatting with a girl on facebook and simultaneously tweeted something about me being a Googler. The lady be like, Lol, you are so boastful”. That damn near killed me.

The last time you changed your profile picture to show us how drop dead gorgeous you are; that sure as hell is not boastful; is it? Now, if you said something like, “It’s just the real me” that would damn near kill me again. Yeah, ok, it’s the real you. I understand that you won some dimes in the genetic lottery and if that fills you up with the privilege to post your ‘hawt’ pics everyday, then ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I sure as seven heavens am entitled to show off what I achieved through months of hard work and was not showered upon me by God’s grace when I was born.

All the pretty ladies be changing their profile pics every second day and no one bats an eye. A guy tweets about him being a Googler once in a while and everybody loses their minds.
                                                                      ~ Joker, from the pompous city of Google

Quora is to me what Instagram is to you. I judge people on the basis of their content on Quora and not on the basis of their skin show on Instagram.

Doesn’t this post yet again reiterate the fact that I am a Googler? Probably, the post itself is a reflection of how ‘boastful’ I am.  Ladies and gentlemen of the jury; I summon you again to learn to; damn as well deal with it.

P.S. – Find me on Quora: Arpit


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